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DotShop is the domain name auction marketplace for world's premium domain names, offer a free, powerful and easy-to-use domain name auctions. Where buyers meet sellers. It's an open market.

Domain names are extremely valuable virtual property. Think of the domain names as the land, while the development as the offices and houses built on top of them. At this stage of internet development, it is a fair assumption that all good domains are already registered. The only legitimate way to acquire a better quality domain name is on the domain aftermarket, from domainers.

Sometimes people do not understand our business and think we are just cybersquatters. We actually facilitate and enable the appropriate use of one of the most important assets on the internet - the domain name. While our price is not cheap, you can think it as a barrier of entrance for legitimate business. Imagine the domain put to personal use and the user demanding astronomic amount for the name; or even worse if the domain used inappropriately for spamming or pornography, your customer visiting the site are offended and will never come back to your service.

Domain name transaction represents a burgeoning market of internet. There are hundreds of million dollars worth of domain names sold every year. We price our domains according to the current market of the industry. We have compiled the list of 4 letter domains sold recently as reported by

We offer flexible payment options. In addition to a lump sum payment, you can pay with multiple installments. You can pay directly or third party escrow is supported. We prefer the service from, and accept any legitimate venue you want to suggest.

Domain Background

A domain name is the addressing system for the internet. Like a phone number is used to identify a person or business in telephone system, a domain name is the ID on World Wide Web. As internet becomes more and more popular, you see more and more business listing their URL in addition to their telephones on yellow pages, bulletin boards, and the products.

Domain names are the virtual real estate. It is the foundation on which a website can be built, same way as a house or office is built. As the saying in real estate, "location, location, location", not all domains are created equal. Certain domains are considered premium names. One type of them are the short domains. First of all, it is easy to remember and type in shorter names. Second, a short acronym conveys a sense of seriousness for the business. So everybody knows of, instead of

Four letter domains have long been registered for resale purpose. Several of the largest portfolios dated back around 2000. Actually all the four letter dotcoms are scooped up in 2007. We see many significant sales, as reported by

Domain Aftermarket

At this stage of internet development, it is a fair assumption that all good domains are already registered. The only legitimate way to acquire a better quality domain name is on the domain aftermarket, from domainers. The domainers are a group of people that see the value in premium domains and buy them from various sources, and quite often from other domainers. The article from USA today, " Domain names become premium Web real estate", is a nice story on domain business.

Domainers are actually not cybersquatters. By definition, cybersquatting only applies to trademark infringement using domain names. Those people either directly register trademark names, or register typos of the trademark. There are laws that prohibit such practice and the laws are enforced via organizations such as URDP and WIPO.

Sometimes, people might have already registered names for their own use, while a trademark is applied later. Acceding to this story, " owner sells domain to Microsoft", this name is exchanged for and extra.

Today, the domain aftermarket is a well established sector of internet commerce. The reported sale for Q1 2009 is $28.3 million, according to


Thanks for purchasing the valuable domain with DotShop. Following is the procedure to handle payment and transfer.

Payment options:

  • Direct transaction. You make the payment directly to DotShop. The payment can be in check, money order, or wire transfer.
  • Domain escrow. We can use the service at, or you can suggest other third party venues.

Domain transfer:

After the payment is cleared, the domain can be transferred to you in one of the following manners:
  • Account change: You need to apply for a free account. The name will be transferred into your account.
  • Direct transfer: you initiate the transfer from your favorite registrar and transfer the domain by yourself. We will unlock the domain and provide EPP code.


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